Advanced Integrated Development Environment for Quantum Computing

User Guide

Welcome to the AIDE-QC User Guide. Here we document how to use the various aspects of the AIDE-QC quantum programming, compilation, and execution software stack. The links below detail the various mechanics of the stack, how to define quantum code, build certain plugins, leverage the ahead-of-time and just-in-time compilers, and express quantum-classical algorithms.

The user guide pages are listed below, with pertinent sub-sections called out for quick access to specific information.

Hello World - Simple GHZ State

Quantum Kernels - Language Extensibility

Operators - Hamiltonian Expression

Remote QPU Credentials

Using an Optimizer

Tensor Network Quantum Virtual Machine

Pass Manager - Optimizing Circuits and Qubit Placement

Quantum JIT - Just-In-Time Compilation of Quantum Kernels

Quantum Simulation Modeling (QuaSiMo) Library